Fintech, Open Source & Mainframe Modernization – The Open Mainframe EP 20

April 18, 2023

The financial services industry has been a long-time consumer of open source software, using it to power innovation and deliver seamless, delightful customer experiences on the front end. Behind the scenes, the mainframe has been the traditional workhorse, providing the processing power necessary to handle workloads for the world’s largest banks and Fortune 500 organizations. As financial institutions face new pressures from market entrants, regulations and dynamics, the industry will continue to evolve, both in front of the curtain and behind the scenes. Hosts Alan Shimel and John Mertic are joined by Rune Christensen (Bankdata), Tracy Ragan (DeployHub), Lee Santalucia (Vicom Infinity) and Gabriele Columbro (FINOS) for a discussion on all aspects of fintech, open source, COBOL and mainframe modernization.

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Categories: The Open Mainframe
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