Dig·i·tal  An·ar·chist |ˈdijidl ˈanərkəst| – “a catalyst for Digital Transformation that disrupts the outdated and inefficient, ushering in a faster, higher quality and more secure future”  ~Alan Shimel, co-founder Digital Anarchist. Digital transformation is creating new winners and losers every day. Those who embrace this disruption and make it work for them are tomorrows success stories. Video is the preferred method for today’s digital citizens to consume content. As the consequences of this flows through the traditional technical media community, more and more news, education and entertainment will be produced, delivered and watched via video streaming. This disruption will also create new winners and losers. Companies seeking to reach the digital audience via video will have to make hard choices about how to compete and who to partner with when it comes to video production, streaming and distribution. Digital Anarchist, part of the Techstrong Group family of brands, is a groundbreaking new video platform, featuring high-quality, engaging content related to all things IT and tech. The Digital Anarchist offers video production & distribution, as well as sponsorship. Digital Anarchist will offer sponsors the ability to produce and/or distribute content for both branding and lead generation campaigns. It features both original DA content as well as 3rd party partners content. Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available. For viewers and subscribers, Digital Anarchist using ML/AI powered functionality, offers suggested content, personalized to each viewer that they will find interesting, educational, entertaining and useful. Digital Anarchist is available via multiple device formats with custom apps for smartphones and tablets, channels on popular streaming platform/hardware, and of course via web browser.
If you are interested in finding out more about Digital Anarchist and how it can help your organization, contact us at [email protected] The Techstrong family of brands includes Container Journal, DevOps.com, DevOps Chat, DevOps Connect, DevOps TV, Digital Anarchist, Security Boulevard, Techstrong Research and engage a thriving online community of technology professionals around the world. Learn more at: https://techstronggroup.com/