TechStrong TV Streaming 3 days a week

TechStrong TV on the Digital Anarchist Network is brought to you by MediaOps, the people behind, Security Boulevard and Container Journal. We have updated our broadcasting schedule and will be live streaming Monday, Tuesday and Thursday weekly at 9:30 AM EDT, featuring live news and coverage, as well as some of the best video content we have shot over last few months.

In addition to watching here on the web, you can watch TechStrong TV on our new Digital Anarchist site, YouTube at DevOpsTV Channel, Facebook Live, Linkedin Live, on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV via the TV app. Also on Android and iOS devices via the mobile app.

You can also join our slack channel for live questions and zoom live video interviews as well. If you miss the live broadcast, you can catch it on demand here and on Digital Anarchist.  Previous days episodes will be posted below for on demand viewing.

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