The State of Pipelines: Past, Present & Future – Part 3 – The CD Pipeline EP 3

December 13, 2022

Pyrsia is an open source project focused on supply chain security at the source – package management. Developers use open source software in their product builds, but not knowing where that software comes from means hard-to-spot risks to the integrity of your code. Trusting dependencies can leave the door wide open to breaches, exploits and supply chain attacks. Pyrsia is an open source-based, decentralized, secure build network and software package repository that seamlessly integrates with the package management systems developers are already using today. That agnosticism means they can certify their software components without sacrificing compatibility, security or efficiency. Pyrsia is the latest project to join the CD Foundation to further its mission to better secure the software supply chain.

Hosts Alan Shimel and Lori Lorusso are joined by our featured guests who are maintainers of, contributors to and active voices in the Pyrsia project. Sudhindra Rao (JFrog), Steve Taylor (DeployHub), Tracy Ragan (DeployHub) and Joel Marcey (Rust Foundation).

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