Rosalind Radcliffe – Making your Dinosaur Dance to the Tune of your Digital Transformation

June 7, 2020


IBM Z has long been the foundation of the systems of record for large organizations, this foundation provides the highly scalable, reliable, secure system organizations need. With the drive to digital transformation organizations not only need these “ilities” but also need to be able to move at the speed business requires today. With that need, IBM has been working to provide cloud native developer experience for building traditional z/OS applications, supporting both the open tool chains but also the processes and practices normally found in cloud native development. With the latest announce of IBM Wazi for Red Hat Code Ready Workspace providing both the Code capability of a full developer environment, but also providing the sandbox of a full environment for isolated development test environments running in your existing OpenShift environment running in an intel hardware environment. This session will discuss how this new developer experience supports the cultural transformation required to support the new ways of working to support the Digital transformation.

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