James Wickett – A Way to Think about DevSecOps: MEASURE

June 7, 2020


DevOps and the subsequent move to bring security in under the umbrella of DevSecOps has created a new ethos for security. This is good. But, when things go wrong–and we know they will–are we going to be successful with the DevSecOps model, or will we be left searching yet again?

In an attempt to answer this question, we will look back in history to learn how engineering decisions affect the lives of those around us, with an eye on how to make meaningful progress today.

Along the way, we will highlight the high-performing DevSecOps teams of today and introduce MEASURE, a framework for approaching DevSecOps in your organization. Topics range from empathy to lean to system safety with the hope to frame a new playbook for devs, ops, and security to work together.

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Guest(s): James Wickett
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