Embracing Your Superpower – Tricia Montalvo Timm – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 20

June 22, 2023

As a corporate lawyer with 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Tricia Montalvo Timm has been part of small startups, large public companies and everything in between.Tricia is a leader, speaker and author of “Embrace the Power of You, Owning Your Identity at Work.” As a first-generation Latina whose first language was Spanish, Montalvo Timm has overcome multiple challenges to achieve the success she enjoys today. In this episode of Tech. Strong. Women, hosts Jodi Ashley and Tracy Ragan talk with Montalvo Timm about her career journey, how to ignore all the ‘shoulds’ that are often thrown women’s way, recognize your superpowers and use them to drive your own success.

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