Making an Impact in the VC Space – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 19

June 8, 2023

Kathy Park’s interest in tech began in a computer science class while she was studying business and finance. That initial interest never waned, and has continued through Park’s career to becoming an advisor and partner at Silicon Valley VC firm Andra Capital, where she oversees investments in later-stage tech companies. In this episode of Tech. Strong. Women., hosts Jodi Ashley and Tracy Ragan talk with Park about the opportunities and challenges she faced on her career journey and the progression of other young women, the education and career choices available to women in the past and now. Kathy discusses her firm’s investment strategies in companies focused on cybersecurity, AI, big data, SaaS, cloud computing and other business enablement technologies and how women can make an impact in the male-dominated VC space.

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Guest(s): Kathy Park
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