Diversity Driven: Alysia Silberg’s AI Odyssey and Entrepreneurial Insights Unveiled – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 28

January 25, 2024

In the first Tech.Strong.Women. episode of 2024, Jodi Ashley and Tracy Ragan are joined by Alysia Silberg, a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a deep-rooted passion for AI and mathematics, shares her journey in the book “Unemployable.” From starting her first company at the age of 5 to becoming a VC focused on AI, Alysia explores the transformative impact of AI on her work and life. The book serves as both a memoir and a playbook, offering insights into building successful companies in the AI era. Alysia advocates for AI as a tool to level the playing field, especially for minorities and women, enabling them to develop skills and confidence without judgment. In evaluating AI investments, she seeks founders with obsessive passion, prioritizes ideas that push humanity forward, and values shared principles, the ability to navigate difficult conversations, and self-promotion. Alysia emphasizes the use of AI systems for practicing pitches and building confidence. Overall, her approach reflects a commitment to fostering diversity and innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI entrepreneurship.

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Guest(s): Alysia Silberg
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