Navigating the Landscape: AI, Cybersecurity and Diversity – TechStrongWomen EP 26

October 26, 2023

Join hosts Jodi Ashley and Tracy Ragan in a candid conversation with Smitha Murthy, CEO at Beagle Security. The panel delves into the challenges AI startups face when seeking funding, primarily due to a shrinking investment pool. They also highlight the increasing investor interest in AI cybersecurity, specifically within application security. The discussion underscores the importance of AI in fortifying defenses against breaches, notably through API security, while addressing the imperative for secure legacy system architectures. Also discussed is the need for affordable security solutions tailored to small and mid-sized businesses and the pivotal role of automation within the software development pipeline. In addition, they explore the significance of women in the tech industry and share personal experiences of breaking through barriers in male-dominated fields.

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Guest(s): Smitha Murthy
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