Achieving Success With Help From the Front Row – Tech.Strong.Women. EP 21

July 27, 2023

In the tech industry, despite the propaganda to the contrary, no one achieves success on their own. For Lynne Doherty, she was cheered on every step of the way by friends, colleagues, mentors and supporters in her “Front Row.” In this episode of Tech.Strong.Women., Lynne Doherty, president of go-to-market and worldwide field operations at Sumo Logic, joins Jodi and Tracy for an insightful conversation on the significance of combining a culture of continuous improvement and technological advancements to drive progress and better outcomes. They also discuss the challenges of managing application development at scale and the importance of observability and security in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape and how the use of AI and automation is seen as a potential solution to improve security practices and combat sophisticated threats while having to navigate the challenges AI presents.

Lynne also describes how her success is attributed to having a strong support system, including mentors and role models, who encouraged and guided her throughout her career. This support network, often referred to as a “front row,” has been crucial in her personal and professional development.

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Guest(s): Lynne Doherty
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