API Security: Where Cloud Security Meets Application Security with Jeremy Snyder | SecOps Vision 2024

December 8, 2023

Working with 100 leading cloud adopters to implement cloud security strategies gave FireTail CEO and co-founder Jeremy Snyder plenty of experience explaining common approaches, cloud security program life cycles, implementation and best practices learned from that customer base.

In this session, Snyder lays out the vendor market from cloud infrastructure security to the operating system and application stack. CSPM has given way to CNAPP via the inclusion of CWPP and CIEM, but what does this mean for customers?

Changes in cloud adoption lead to the natural extension into the API layer, and Snyder will explore the most significant challenges to keeping critical APIs secure. He will identify top API attack vectors using real-world data breach examples and explain how to think about contextual defense against API breaches.

This session also will cover how leading enterprises are approaching cloud security, and how cloud security is expanding beyond the infrastructure layer. Led by an experienced practitioner with firsthand cloud security experience, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of this change and how cloud security is merging with application security via API-centric approaches and microservices architecture. Key takeaways will include understanding why API security is the intersection of these two programs and how to think about merging them for better security.
You’ll also learn:
-How to understand common approaches to modern cloud and API security strategies
-Approaches to managing large volumes of infrastructure and data around cloud security, and branching that into application layers
-Understanding the top risks and attack vectors for APIs

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