What Does Observability Mean To You, and How Does it Scale? – Observability At Scale TV EP 1

October 21, 2021


Host – Alan Shimel, Guests – Mitch Ashley…Tomer Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Logz.io…Helen Beal of DevOps Institute…Brian Dawson of Linux Foundation – Observability is evolving quickly as a concept and practice, but what does observability really mean to you and your organization? For many DevOps teams it’s all about speeding MTTR across complex infrastructure and applications. For others, the notion of observability-driven development is being embraced as a strategic business initiative tied to customer success. Where does your team stand in this process, and what are the keys to successfully scaling observability to meet your specific requirements? Join us for this thought leadership discussion. What Does Observability Mean to You, and How Does it Scale?

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