Observability at Scale TV

Observability is a word that you see used everywhere in the DevOps community these days, but what does it mean to you? Is it just another buzzword? Is it a textbook definition of analyzing telemetry and machine data to improve applications performance? Or is observability evolving into something even bigger that helps guide cloud and digital transformation? Most importantly, how is this discipline maturing to help today’s DevOps practitioners do their jobs – especially as requirements scale quickly?
In this 12-episode series, we’ll dive deep into everything from observability basics and best practices to the complex challenges faced by organizations as they seek to tackle massive issues of scale. Rather than retracing our steps and revisiting how we got here, we’ll emphasize debating and demystifying perceptions of what observability should be. This work is far too important to devolve into fuzzy concepts. Help us put a finer point on what’s really needed!