DevOps Quality Metrics That Matter: Forrester Research Findings

February 12, 2020


With DevOps, almost every aspect of application delivery has been put under the microscope and re-evaluated. Quality metrics have largely escaped that scrutiny…until now. Tricentis recently commissioned Forrester to research how 75 quality metrics are used and valued among 603 DevOps leaders and laggards. The goal: provide the software testing community an objective perspective on which quality metrics matter most for DevOps success.

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the findings, answering questions such as:

In the context of DevOps, do the “popular” quality metrics like number of automated tests, test case coverage, and pass/fail rate really matter?
Which metrics are best suited for ensuring that continuous updates won’t undermine the very user experiences you’re working so hard to enhance?
How do your team’s quality metrics rank? Are you taking advantage of the ‘hidden gems’ or getting caught up in vanity metrics?

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Guest(s): Wayne Ariola
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