EP 284: Software Delivery Leadership Forum & DevOps World 2020, CloudBees

May 1, 2020


DevOps World/Jenkins World has long established itself as a leading venue for DevOps practitioners to learn, share their knowledge, build a top-notch community. But what about leaders, people in leadership roles at companies who utilize DevOps as a vital part of there business and technology strategies?

Sam Fell, CloudBees Area Vice President Enterprise Markets, joins DevOps Chats to discuss the newly announced Software Delivery Leadership Forum. DevOps World 2020 is expanding its focus and content by bringing leaders together with content specifically tailored for business and technology leaders. Accelerated Strategies Group, where Mitch Ashley is CEO, is leading the programming of the DevOps World 2020 Software Delivery Leadership Forum.

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Guest(s): Sam Fell
Categories: DevOps Chats 2020
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