EP 275: Liquibase, Open Source & Databases w Dion Cornett, President, Datical

March 30, 2020


Datical has been a leader in the DevOps for databases since even before the term was used. What many may not realize was that the open source Liquibase project was a major contributor to Datical’s success. So it should be no surprise then that in filling the open President’s seat, they would tap an open source veteran.

Dion Cornett, has open source credibility from his time at Red Hat and MariaDB. In his new role he is responsible for marketing, sales and product. He is determined to see the same kind of success with open source business models he has been part of before, succeed at Datical.

In this discussion we hear from Dion on his plans and views.

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Guest(s): Dion Cornett
Categories: DevOps Chats 2020
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