EP 274: Solving Complexity in Continuous Testing Matt Wyman

March 30, 2020


SauceCon 2020 (saucecon.com/) by the good folks at Sauce Labs is just about a month and half away (April 27). As part of our lead up to the show and our coverage including live broadcasting on Digital Anarchist, we caught up with newly minted, Chief Product Officer, Matt Wyman.

Matt discusses how continuous testing, automation and DevOps has led to better testing. With that though we are more complex and sophisticated than ever in how, what and when we test. Can’t we just keep it simple? Do we want to keep it simple? Have a listen to what Matt has to say, as well as why he is so excited about this coming event.

If you are interested in testing at all, do check out the great lineup for SauceCon and hope to see you there.

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Guest(s): Matthew Wyman
Categories: DevOps Chats 2020
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