EP 266: DevSecOps Survey Results with Eric Sheridan, WhiteHat Security

March 30, 2020


WhiteHat Security is one of the pioneers in AppSec. As such they were an early advocate for DevSecOps. They have been doing annual surveys of the security and developer space for several years. In this years survey the good news is that we are seeing real progress in DevSecOps adoption by developers and security teams. But all is not roses. Some of the same old issues are still there, including how long it takes us to fix vulnerabilities and security issues.

In this DevOps Chats we speak with Eric Sheridan, Chief Scientist of WhiteHat about the survey results and what they mean. Have a listen to find out Eric’s take on the foundings.

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Guest(s): Eric Sheridan
Categories: DevOps Chats 2020
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