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EP 262: CyberSecurity Marketing Dojo w/ Ken Rutsky

EP 262: CyberSecurity Marketing Dojo w/ Ken Rutsky


Ken Rutsky is on a mission. In addition to being a master cybersecurity marketing ninja, Ken is also the founder of the Cybersecurity Go To Market Dojo. It is the hub of a community of cybersecurity marketers who seek to up their game and bring even more professionalism to cybersec marketing.

Frankly, cybersecurity marketers get a bad wrap. Many of them have great technical chops. Just because they have marketing in their title don’t assume they are not technical.

Ken and the group are again putting on a great together on the Sunday of RSAC week. Also they will be doing a Cyber Marketer of the Year awards as well. Alan Shimel is one of the judges. You can find out more at…e-year-awards

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Guest(s): Ken Rutsky
Date: December 22, 2019
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019

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