EP 259: Security Graph SDK Powers Better Policies, vArmour V5

February 12, 2020


The increasing breadth and complexity of the environments we manage are nothing short of breathtaking. Understanding the security risks and applying policies across the cloud, multi-cloud, private clouds, and a plethora of software technologies is a challenge faced by every enterprise.

vArmour recently announced version 5 of the vArmour Application Controller, which opens more significant access to vast amounts of information the Security Graph represents and organizes through its Security Graph and SDK. By streaming cloud, network, and agent information into the Security Graph, enterprises now have a centralized understanding of application relationships across their multi-cloud infrastructure, enabling centralized risk and policy management that is simple, accurate, and secure.

Marc Woolward, vArmour CTO and CISO, and I discuss establishing abd assessing policies becomes more manageable through expanded access to information about software infrastructure, systems, environments across the organization. I hope you’ll join Marc and me in this fascinating conversation.


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Guest(s): Marc Woolward
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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