EP 253: App Attention Index: The Era of Digital Reflex, AppDynamics

February 12, 2020


Application performance company AppDynamics recently released its 2019 edition of the App Attention Index Report. The 2019 report is subtitled The Era of Digital Reflex. Whoa, that sounds heavy!! Joining me on this episode of DevOps Chats is Steve Long, AppDynamics Regional CTO, and Technology Strategy. Cisco acquired AppDynamics in 2017.

Digital connections are a near-constant. Interacting with our world through digital apps and transactions are omnipresent: making a restaurant reservation using OpenTable, making payments using an app or our smartphone digital wallet, and checking our smartphones to plan and move through our day. Thus the name of the report “The Era of Digital Reflex.”

In addition to insights from the report, Steve and I talk about measuring the customer’s experience, tieing performance back to the desired business outcoming, strategies for finding problems, and reducing the time it takes to fix problems. Join us on this compelling discussion about application performance, customer experience, and business outcomes.

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Guest(s): Steve Long
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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