EP 252: Enterprise Continuous Testing With A Shift Right Mindset, Tricentis

February 12, 2020


Test automation and CI/CD are evolving very rapidly to achieve great speed and impactful results by DevOps teams and Agile organizations. Our DevOps Chat guest, Tricentis Chief Product Officer Wolfgang Platz, contributes his experiences to the state of the art with his newly released book Enterprise Continuous Testing.

Automating software testing just for the sake of automation, is “doing the mess for less.” What is the business value of each software element you are testing, and what is the right strategy for testing these software implemented functions? Automation certainly brings with it speed, but are we ultimately making incremental improvements to testing which doesn’t tap into the full power and benefits of automated software testing.

Our discussion with Wolfgang focuses on the need for expanding dev-testing with higher-level integration, system, and end-to-end user experience testing, which are often performed well by shared testing and operations teams. Now, think Shift Right. While Agile and dev teams often focus on the progression of creating new and exciting capabilities for the business and our customers, we still require that regression mindset that consistently validates unit tests, valuable business functionality, system integrity, performance, and operational needs.

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Guest(s): Wolfgang Platz
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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