EP 245: Spinnaker Plugins: Extending for the Enterprise, Spinnaker Summit 2019

February 12, 2020


Spinnaker Summit 2019 Preview: Secrets Management is vital to any vibrant DevOps and GitOps toolchain. As part of its opensource maturation and thanks to the contribution of our DevOps Chat guest, Spinnaker now has a secure secrets management capability enabling GitOps, taking non-application secrets out of plaintext in Hal config files. (Always a good idea!)

Cameron Motevasselani, Software Engineer at Armory, is giving his talk “Spinnaker Plugins: Extending Spinnaker for the Enterprise” on Sunday, November 17, at 10:45 AM PT.

In addition to his contributions to Spinnaker’s new secrets management facility, Cameron shares the work in progress to create an extensible Spinnaker plugin system. The current work is an early MVP to be followed by the implementation of PF4J and concrete extension points as part of Spinnaker stages.

Spinnaker Summit 2019 is November 15-19 in San Deigo.

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