EP 240: Automic + CA + Broadcom, a Release Automation Journey

February 12, 2020


The life of an acquired company can be an exciting one full of unexpected twists and turns, and that’s been true of Automic software. Scott Willson, a repeat podcast guest and long-standing member of the DevOps community, joins us again on DevOps Chat. He describes his acquisition journey as being akin to a “barracuda, eaten by a great white shark, eaten by a whale." Scott is Product Marketing Director – Release Automation at CA Technologies, a Broadcom company. (The new proper name of Automic + CA + Broadcom).

Scott shares what it’s like being a software DevOps company inside Broadcom, whose strong roots come from the chip manufacturing business. While software has its many differences from chips, of course, Scott shares how many of the DevOps principles and heritage from lean manufacturing made the transition easier. There are valuable lessons here for all of us.

Amid all the change, Automic shifted its products to the freemium model. Automic Continuous Delivery Director is now free to use for up to 10 active releases. We talk about the upcoming releases which also includes machine learning. Join us as we bob and weave through the acquisition story into the world of continuous automated delivery. And look for Scott at the DevOps Enterprise Summit the end of October.

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Guest(s): Scott Willson
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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