EP 237: Autonomous Test Innovation Using AIML, Functionize

February 12, 2020


At the speed of DevOps, automated testing is essential for QA to maintain pace with that of software creation. Automated testing is ripe for innovation too. How do we know we are performing the most relevant tests, that new functions in the software aren’t being missed or overlooked, or that highly dynamic applications aren’t outpacing static test cases and logic?

Functionize aims to bring innovation to achieve autonomous testing, making testing, the creation, and maintenance of tests more efficient. Founder and CEO Tamas Cser joins us on this episode of DevOps Chat to share several innovations his company brings to DevOps teams.

Join us as we discuss how writing test cases in English help capture intent and result in less brittle tests over time, and about the ability to reach into Functionize during run time and programmatically change object models and internals. Learn how AI improves visual detection of web pages and changes in web page behavior. And how AI can root out test cases that may no longer be valid as software functionality changes.

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Guest(s): Tamas Cser
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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