EP 232: Jumpstart Your Kubernetes and Multi-Cloud App Journey, Rafay

February 12, 2020


After Akamai acquired his company, Haseeb Budhani decided to take on his next challenge and start Rafay. Rafay, focuses on the complexity and repetitive aspects of deploying and managing Kubernetes applications. Rafay addresses complexity by providing application abstraction, cluster blueprinting, and enterprise-ready integration, making Rafay a great candidate for multi-region, multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge/MEC adoption.

Join us on this episode of DevOps Chats where Haseeb shares some of the experiences and challenges that led him to found Rafay, and how to accelerate your path to Kubernetes and multi-cloud applications.

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Guest(s): Haseeb Budhani
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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