EP 231: 2019 Accelerate Report with Dr. Nicole Forsgren

February 12, 2020


There are many interviews you do as part of the role as editor in chief of DevOps.com. Then there are some that make it all worthwhile. Anytime I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr Nicole Forsgren, it makes all of the other things I do worthwhile. She has a clarity of vision borne from the foundation of verifiable metrics she has measured and surveyed over the last six years.

Just about every DevOps presentation you will see has some reference to her Accelerate: State of DevOps Report. And for good reason. It has become the "authority" on DevOps metrics.

We sat down with Nicole to go over what she thinks are some of the key findings in this years report. Have a listen and enjoy.

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Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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