EP 230: Service Mesh Tracing – from Envoy, Omnition to Splunk

February 12, 2020


As application functions get smaller, are containerized, become microservices, combine into service meshes, a new set of challenges crop up. What functions does each service perform? What state constitutes services in trouble? What are the dependencies between services across a complex service mesh? How can we instrument observability, tracing, between the service interactions?

Constance Caramanolis, Software Engineer at Omnition, joined us on DevOps Chats, recorded just before Splunk’s acquisition announcement. After working a Microsoft, Constance joined Lyft, in part to work with Envoy, open source created by Lyft that brings upstream and downstream tracing across a service mesh. Constance recently joined Omnition, while still in stealth, to help "flip tracing on its head."

It’s genuinely a fascination conversation and gives us a window into the challenges and solutions to managing a service mesh at scale. Listeners should also check out our DevOps Chats episode talking about the Splunk’s acquisition of Omnition with Rick Fitz, SVP and GM of Splunk’s IT Markets Group. https://devops.com/devops-chat-splunk-moves-into-microservices-with-omnition-buy

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