EP 227: Holistic Kubernetes and Cloud-Native App Security, StackRox

February 12, 2020


More than ever, application security is a top priority. Beyond secure coding practices, a holistic app security strategy addresses the full application and infrastructure stack. This includes containers, microservices, orchestration, infrastructure software, and the cloud. Bolting on the next security tool may not be the answer.

Kamal Shah, StackRox CEO, joins us on this episode of DevOps Chats, diving into the need for a systemic security approach across the lifecycle of cloud-native, even “Kubenative”, applications. We explore how Kubernetes and cloud-native apps bring access to rich configuration information, usage visibility, runtime context, inherent security controls, and compliance. It’s a fascinating conversation that will open up new paths to secure Kubernetes and cloud-native applications.

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Guest(s): Kamal Shah
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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