EP 225: Phoenix OSS Brings Web Framework to Elixir and Erlang, DockYard

February 12, 2020


Stateless application architecture is the current de facto approach, right? Not necessarily. Stateful applications communicating over TCP sockets can and are successfully built even in today’s age of cloud-native applications.

Our guest on this episode of DevOps Chat is Chris McCord, creator of the Phoenix open source software, and architectural engineer at DockYard. Chris came up as a developer using PHP, Java, and Ruby. When he learned that WhatsApp was built using Elixir, running on the Erlang VMs, Chris was intrigued. What’s needed is a developer-friendly web framework for creating web and mobile applications.

Chris started the development of the Phoenix Framework in 2011 and saw adoption pick up in 2014/15. Fast forward to today, Chris is an integral part of a vibrant community of developers using Phoenix to create web-oriented, mobile, embedded, and real-time applications that can support large transaction server volumes with less code.

Join us as we talk with Chris McCord about Phoenix, why he created the opensource project which today expands into Phoenix LiveView, and the PhoenixFrenzy developer challenge (winners to be select in early-to-mid October.)You can find more information about Phoenix and the PhoenixFrenzy at the following links:

* Phoenix Phrenzy: dockyard.com/press/releases/201…ix-phrenzy-contest
* Chris’ presentation at ElixirConf: dockyard.com/blog/2019/09/06/wh…r-phoenix-liveview

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Guest(s): Chris McCord
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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