EP 224: The Value of Interactive Application Security Testing, Synopsys

February 12, 2020


As the velocity of software creation, testing, and deployment increase rapidly, security at the app level is gaining ever more scrutiny. Code vulnerability scanners, automated security test tools, test libraries for containers are just a few of the security testing approaches broadly in use. Many of these approaches fall under a DAST (dynamic application security testing) or SAST (static application security testing.)

As velocity increases, so does that amount of code we’re creating, placing even great importance on testing, test automation, and application security testing.

Creator of Seeker IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing), Ofer Maor, Director of Solutions Management at Synopsys, joins DevOps Chat. We talk about the value of IAST, maximizing testing automation, integration of testing technologies into the workflow, security testing built into containers, application security testing orchestration, and more.

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Guest(s): Ofer Maor
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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