EP 221: Hat Developer Experience in the IBM Era, Brad Micklea

February 12, 2020


Red Hat Linux is a staple of most enterprise IT organization’s software diets. Developers and IT leaders all over the world took notice when IBM acquired Red Hat. Will IBM Red Hat change? Will Red Hat continue to operate as it does today or will it be subsumed and disappear into some IBM business unit? Will IBM Red Hat still contribute to projects and tools like Kubernetes, JBoss, Fuse, OpenJDK, Eclipse IDE, and many others (redhatofficial.github.io/#!/main)? All are important questions.

Brad Micklea, Lead of the Developer Program and Tools at IBM, joins DevOps Chat to talk about the future of Red Hat as part of IBM. Brad sends a strong message that Red Hat will remain focused on the developer community and tools for Linux, Kubernetes, Java, DevOps, and others.

Join us as we talk with Brad about the future of Red Hat, DevOps, and open source developer tools.

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Guest(s): Brad Micklea
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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