EP 220: Splunk Moves Into MicroservicesService Mesh Tracing, Omnition

February 12, 2020


Swiftly after announcing their acquisition of SignalFx, Splunk vaults into microservices tracing by announcing its intention to acquire Omnition. Tech companies are rapidly making acquisitions to strengthen their position in the DevOps and contemporary cloud-native software stack.

Rick Fitz, SVP and GM of Splunk’s IT Markets Group, joins DevOps Chat to share with us the drivers behind Splunk’s move into microservices and service mesh tracing. Information about Omnition is in short supply as Omnition’s been in stealth, racing to develop a product to address the observability needs of DevOps teams. Omnition has received some notice through its contributions to OpenCensus open source, now being merged into OpenTracing.

In addition to this episode of DevOps Chat, check out Mike Vizard’s article about the Omnition announcement at devops.com/splunk-adds-omnitio…o-devops-portfolio/.

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Guest(s): Rick Fitz
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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