EP 217: Data Protection – An Enteprise IT Necessity in the Cloud, Druva

February 12, 2020


As any CIO knows, a data management architecture is essential to caring for one of the organization’s most valuable assets: data. Data management sounds simple but it’s not. Backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data retention, governance, e-discovery… all are parts of any effective data protection strategy.

As businesses move and grow their presence in the cloud, the same capabilities apply in this very dynamic and elastic environment.

Recently, Druva received another investment round of $130m led by Viking Global. Mike Palmer, Druva Chief Product Officer, joins us on this episode of DevOps Chat where we talk about Druva’s planned use of those funds, and Druva’s approach to providing a SaaS-based data protection platform.

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Guest(s): Mike Palmer
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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