EP 216: Cisco DevNet – DevOps and the Programmable Network, Susie Wee

February 12, 2020


Network technology has undergone its own transformation in parallel with cloud infrastructure, how we create software, and the adoption of DevOps. SDN, NFV, virtual network appliances, and an ever-expanding suite of APIs making network and security technologies much more accessible to developers.

Network engineers’ worlds are rapidly changing too. From highly skilled to associate-level, all network engineers are faced with building up a new and necessary skill: software development. Learning software dev can be a daunting, even intimidating proposition even for someone already skilled in the network engineer domain.

So, how do we lift up the community of network engineers and help them build their development chops? How can software and DevOps engineers easily get access to all the programmatic interfaces that configure, manage and control the network?

These questions and more we explore with Susie Wee, Founder, Senior Vice President, and CTO of Cisco DevNet. DevNet is an online resource full of information for app developers, infrastructure developers, and network and DevOps engineers. On DevNet you’ll find training (Python, API, and more), sandboxes for experimentation, code exchanges (including GitHub), CI/CD, and new Cisco certifications for software. Check out DevNet at developer.cisco.com.

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Guest(s): Susie Wee
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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