EP 215: Preview – Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes to Avoid Losing Data, DisruptOps

February 12, 2020


It’s easy to forget not everyone started their move to the cloud eight or even ten years ago. Early adopters have a wealth of experiences that can benefit newcomers and experienced teams alike.

A preview to August 14th’s webinar “Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes and How to Stop Them Before You Lose Data”, DisruptOps CEO Mike Rothman joins us on DevOps Chat. In this episode, we reflect on learnings and knowledge Mike and co-founder Rich Mogul incorporated into their product DisruptOps Guardrails.

Be sure to register for the Aug. 14th webinar at webinars.devops.com/top-5-aws-secur…e-you-lose-data.

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Guest(s): Mike Rothman
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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