EP 212: Akamai Financial Services Attack Economy Report with Martin McKeay

February 12, 2020


Martin McKeay, a cybersecurity veteran, joins us to review Akamai’s latest State of The Internet report (SOTI). This SOTI edition, dubbed Financial Services Attack Economy, highlights the vast array of cyber attacks targeted at the financial systems ecosystem over the past 18 months.

Martin highlight from the report includes readily available lists of compromised user IDs and passwords, stuffing attacks, low cost or free All-In-One (AIO) attack tools, and the characteristics of phishing attacks against enterprises versus financial institutions. And more.

Join us on this episode of DevOps Chat with Martin McKeay, Editorial Director, Akamai. The full report is available at www.akamai.com/soti/

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Guest(s): Martin McKeay
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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