EP 211: A CISO’s Quest For Better Security, Michael Coates, Altitude Networks

February 12, 2020


Michael Coates is on a mission, a journey, an unassailable quest.

You don’t come away from senior security leadership roles at Twitter and Mozilla without some real-world lessons of how to improve cybersecurity. Those lessons inspired our guest Michael Coates, former Twitter CISO, to co-found his new startup Altitude Networks.

While we don’t yet know all the details about Altitude Networks, we know Michael is addressing the protection of data when using cloud collaboration software like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Office 365 and other online collaboration services.

Michael shares with us the lessons he learned from security roles at Twitter and Mozilla is applying at Altitude Networks. Security products need to be designed to solve problems and alleviate work, not make work. And security needs to enable end-users to get their work done and not interrupt them with confusing popups, options, and decisions most end users won’t understand.

Join us on this episode of DevOps Chat to get the latest on Michael Coates and his new company Altitude Networks. You can sign up for Michael’s new newsletter at hubs.ly/H0jvMBN0 .

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Guest(s): Michael Coates
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