EP 208: RSAC 2019 APJ Preview Flash War – Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain, Fortinet

February 12, 2020


RSAC 2019 APJ in Singapore is coming up and we’re lucky enough to preview a talk by Derek Manky titled “Flash War: Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain.”

The speed at which networks are attacked, compromised and then intruders spread laterally is increasing rapidly. Add swarm technologies with AI machine learning and automation and the future holds a world where attacks that take days, hours or minutes today could laterally happen in fractions of a second tomorrow. House of Mirror defenses (yes, the network security equivalent of Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon mirror room) and other deceptions techniques step up to the challenge of tapering this accelerating attack chain.

On this episode of DevOps Chats, Derek Manky, Chief of Security Insights at Fortinet previews his RSAC 2019 APJ Preview talk, Flash War: Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain, scheduled at 1:15pm on July18th in Singapore. Join us on this podcast and at Derek’s RSA talk.

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Guest(s): Derek Manky
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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