EP 206: Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone with Aviatrix

February 12, 2020


Our podcast guest believes the world changed “on a Tuesday” six months ago when the enterprise move to the cloud became imperative, not just an aspirational goal. That eureka moment was enough to pull Steve Mullaney off the sidelines and back into the game as CEO of Aviatrix after successful executive gigs at Palo Alto Networks and Nicira.

Go-build might be a wonderful approach for cloud-native apps, but enterprises want the framework laid out ahead of their move to the cloud. Think enterprise cloud IT reference architecture, much like Cisco provided for enterprise IP networks, DEC mainstreamed for client-server, and IBM established for mainframe computing. You have to “bring the cloud to them.” That enterprise cloud reference architecture is what Aviatrix targets, in the same buy-with-a-credit-card model that fueled customers’ unfettered move to AWS.

On our DevOps Chat podcast episode, Steve Mullaney, CEO of Aviatrix, talks about what enterprises want in a true enterprise multi-cloud backbone to support their needs. Additional information about Aviatrix offerings is available at www.aviatrix.com.

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Guest(s): Steve Mullaney
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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