EP 203: Shift Left for DevOps Security w Lacework’s Dan Hubbard

February 12, 2020


Making sure our applications are secure during runtime is of course important but how do we shift left so security is built into containerized, serverless applications?

Lacework announced the addition of build-time security capabilities which complement their existing run-time offering for cloud, container and hybrid environments.

This “shift left” will provide security and compliance visibility across the enterprise’s infrastructure footprint, from development to runtime, and for cloud, container, bare metal, and hybrid environments.

On this DevOps Chats episode, we talk with Lacework CEO Dan Hubbard about some of the challenges in moving security earlier in the DevOps process, and the benefits of examining security and vulnerabilities in both dev and runtime environments. More information about the announcement is available at www.lacework.com.


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Guest(s): Dan Hubbard
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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