EP 202: Chaos Testing with Open Source Cthulhu, xMatters

February 12, 2020


Introducing chaotic, unpredictable test software into your methodical testing regime is a good idea, right? Yes, it’s a branch of testing called Chaos Engineering, or Chaos Testing. Netflix’s Chaos Monkey famously introduced many of us to the idea that resilient systems, networks and software become more resilient and less brittle if we use chaotic testing methods to find their weak points before customers do.

An innovative engineer at xMatters launched a new open source chaos testing tool named after H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmarish character Cthulhu. Cthulhu is designed to test across multiple cloud providers, initially supporting Google Cloud with plans to support Amazon Web Services. It’s open source, free to use, looking for more contributors, and is available on GitBub.

We are joined on this DevOps Chats by Tobias Dunn-Krahn, CTO, and Gabrielle Gasse, lead engineer on the Cthulhu open source project, both at xMatters.

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