EP 200: Containers as a Service and Application Delivery, SUSE

February 12, 2020


Agility, DevOps and Digital Transformation are racing into the mainstream. You know that’s the case when enterprise technology suppliers shift and adapt their strategies from infrastructure software to platforms for application delivery. That’s certainly been the case with SUSE, a company we’ve know for a long time going back to its Linux distribution origins.

Adoption of contemporary software technologies such as Kubernetes containers presents another investment decision. Do you download, build, maintain and support your installation of Kubernetes or do pre-integrated and supported solutions enable you to speed up building and delivering applications. A control versus speed argument.

On our DevOps Chat podcast we explore these paths; when its preferable organizations build from open source resources, when to utilize a Containers as a Service offering, or when an application delivery platform with support from a trusted supplier is best. Joining me in the discussion is Jennifer Kotzen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at SUSE. You can find out more about SUSE’s offerings at www.suse.com.

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Guest(s): Jennifer Kotzen
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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