EP 198: Device Identity At The Speed of DevOps, Venafi

February 12, 2020


DevOps and Agile are all about making software cycles short and dynamic, empowering development teams to rapidly iterate, leveraging tools with fewer burdens and reliance on outside organizations. It’s the dev + ops combination that is so powerful.

But what about security, specifically the identity of physical and virtual devices, containers and micro services? Digital certificates are a key asset in managing device identity but traditional tools and processes may not fit the speed and dynamic nature of today’s cloud native software.

Our guest on DevOps Chats is Sandra Chrust, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Venafi. Sandra shares with us lessons learned to more easily manage device identities in DevOps and Agile environments, leveraging tools that provide self service portals, APIs and SDKs for automation. No more support tickets!

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Guest(s): Sandra Chrust
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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