EP 195: Machine Data for Intelligent DevOps and Security

February 12, 2020


Machine data comprises a vast array of data sources including logs, messages, events, telemetry data, and application and domain-specific relevant data.

Aggregating all of these types of data, from sources across the enterprise and devices connected to our networks, brings opportunities to create intelligent analytics and new insights for use by the business, service delivery, security, devops and IT operations.

In this Devops Chat we talk with Colin Britton, Chief Strategy Office at Devo, exploring how organizations are combining machine data with analytical and visualization tools to elevate the value IT brings to the business. You may recall Devo CEO Walter Scott joined us on a previous Devops Chat. Its a fascinating topic so have a listen and check out Devo at devo.com

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Guest(s): Colin Britton
Categories: DevOps Chats 2019
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