EP 174: CD Foundation with Cloudbees KK and Tracy Miranda

February 12, 2020


Yesterday saw the announcement of the CD Foundation, a new foundation under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. It will provide the home base for a vendor-neutral Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) committed to making it easier to build and reuse DevOps pipelines across multiple continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms.
The first projects to be hosted under the auspices of CDF includes Jenkins, the open source CI/CD system, and Jenkins X, an open source CI/CD solution on Kubernetes. Both were developed by CloudBees. Netflix and Google, meanwhile, are contributing Spinnaker, an open source multi-cloud CD solution, and Google is also adding Tekton, an open source project and specification for creating CI/CD components.
Founding members of the CDF include Alauda, Alibaba, Anchore, Armory, Autodesk, Capital One, CircleCI, CloudBees, DeployHub, GitLab, Google, Huawei, JFrog, Netflix, Puppet, Red Hat, SAP and Snyk.
In this chat we speak with KK, founder of Jenkins and CTO of Cloudbees and Tracy Miranda, Open Source Community Director for Cloudbees. They give us the insight behind the foundation and what the future may be for Jenkins, JenkinsX and Cloudbees

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