EP 173: Nexus Firewall Supports Artifactory Repo

February 12, 2020


There are really only two repositories of any scale for software components today. The Nexus repo managed by Sonatype and the Artifactory artifact repo managed by JFrog. Up until now they were separate and apart, working with one was independent of another.

In a big move towards keeping DevOps open, the Sonatype people have released a plugin that will allow their Nexus Firewall to work with Artifactory as well as Nexus.

This means that users of both repos can now use the Nexus firewall to make sure that components or artifacts they download are in compliance with the policies they have set up. They can make sure there are no known vulnerabilities to the version you are downloading to use. This is really a big deal and kudos to Sonatype.

In this DevOps Chat we speak with Wayne Jackson, CEO of Sonatype and Brian Fox, CTO and co-founder of Sonatype about what this means for the DevOps community.

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