EP 164: DisruptOps SecurityOps Disrupted Special RSAC Edition

February 12, 2020


They say if you live long enough . . . Few things give me greater pleasure than seeing my friends well earned success. Rich Mogull and Mike Rothman (along with Adrian Lane, Jody Brazil & Brandy Peterson) have been chasing a dream for more than a few years now. How to make the SecOps persons life easier, while bringing security into the age of DevOps, automation, agile, CI/CD, etc. Say hello to DisruptOps (www.disruptops.com).

I first interviewed Mike about DisruptOps a few months ago. The company was just emerging from stealth.

While they are still in preview, they were one of hundreds of companies that threw their hat into the ring for the prestigious RSAC Innovation Sandbox. Very proud to report that they were one of 10 finalists selected for this years program. If history is any guide, the fact they made the final cut is a good indicator of success to come. And well it should frankly. This founding team are some of the most dynamic, talented and smartest people I know in the business.

I had a chance to sit down with Rich Mogull and Mike Rothman to discuss what is driving DisruptOps and what the disruption is all about. Have a listen as we talk about it from the executive view, the security admin view and the market view.

Also be sure to check out DisruptOps at DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Days at RSAC, Monday, March 4th. www.devopsconnect.com/event/devops-c…ays-rsac-2019/

Rich is also on a panel at the event as well as several other sessions at RSAC this year.


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