EP 95: The State of Alerting & On-call Survival for IT Ops

February 12, 2020


In this DevOps chat we sit down with Judit Sharon, CEO of OnPage. OnPage has been providing alerting and incident management services primarily to the health care industry before DevOps was called DevOps. As DevOps has exploded on the scene, the security and functionality built into OnPage was a perfect fit for ITOps and DevOps teams. As a result OnPage has expanded beyond its Health Care industry roots to become a very popular solution in the DevOps space.
OnPage recently conducted a survey on the state of alerting in the IT Ops space. Judit gives us some insight into the findings, but you can download the full survey report at www.onpage.com/the-state-of-it-operations-ebook/.
Great conversation, enjoy!

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Guest(s): Judit Sharon
Categories: DevOps Chats 2018
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